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Tropical Storm Nate Update

Post-Nate UPDATES: BOIL WATER ALERT is in place for the west end of Dauphin Island ONLY as follows; SOUTH SIDE OF BIENVILLE BOULEVARD from and including St. Denis Court to the west end of Bienville Blvd. NORTH SIDE OF BIENVILLE BOULEVARD from Stephens Street (which is NOT included) to the west end of Bienville Blvd. This DOES include Bridgeview Drive. For additional info please contact Water & Sewer at 861-2363. TOWN DUMPSTERS will be open TUESDAY, October 10 thru THURSDAY, October 12 FOR HURRICANE NATE DEBRIS ONLY! Hold all other debris until the usual FRIDAY/SATURDAY scheduled openings. Thank you!
Kudos to our Public Works Dept. for making quick work of clearing massive amounts of storm debris from the causeway this morning! Many thanks to ALDOT and Dept. of Conservation personnel for assisting us with this important task to provide safe passage to and from the island once again. Clearing Bienville Blvd. (approx. St. Denis west to end of pavement) will be an extremely tall order as much of the 3+ mile stretch of roadway is covered in 3-6 feet of sand. That work should begin to ramp up on Monday and our initial effort will be to simply move sand from the roadway so property owners, utility workers, contractors and others can begin the recovery process. Eventually the sand will likely be screened and returned to the shoreline…BUT this will take some time to complete. Our Police Dept. has set up a check point to allow access to ONLY those individuals with property on the west end, contractors and the like. Access also requires vehicles with 4-wheel drive capability until road is cleared. A BOIL WATER order has been implemented by DI Water & Sewer for portions of the west end. Please contact the DIW&S office and/or website for more specific information. Several folks have asked whether hurricane debris can be placed at roadside and we don’t know the answer to that question just yet. Based on the “limited amount” of storm debris, it is probably unlikely roadside pick up will be offered as a result of Nate. If that is the case, the town may be able to offer its dumpsters for hurricane debris ONLY on specified days (TBA). We’ll let you know. Finally, Monday, October 9 is a Teacher Work Day at DI School and students have the day off!

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